Our commitment with the client´s goals, and engagement to excellence, leads us to act with a high level of readiness and accurate processes of control and measurement of results. We always aim for the best cost-benefit for our clients operations!


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Commitment with the Client

  • We are the eyes, ears and pockets of our clients: we represent the interests of our clients, undertake their challenges and understand their needs. We employ the best technical solutions to obtain the best answers with the aim of reducing costs and optimizing the operations.
  • We are present wherever our clients need us to be.
  • We plan each and every step, nothing is impromptu.

Excellence in Service

  • Readiness and business-driven always aiming the best technical solution to the clients both clearly and objectively, including a specific planning, analysis of the scenarios and work strategy definition, mobilization and demobilization of large operations/vessels, allocation of focal point.
  • Service Structure, with bilingual staff, duly qualified; expertise in solutions for immigration and local regulation; focus on planning; readiness and mobility; quality management.
  • Workshops and Customer Training, acculturation and live and streamlined training for the clients about the Brazilian immigration process steps, including Westhead exclusive supporting material, facilitating the access to information and contributing to minimize potentially critical situations which are easily avoidable through an effective communication and appropriate planning.

The Westhead System

  • Exclusively developed to Westhead by Westhead personnel.
  • Carry out the management and storage of process data and documents.
  • Through the system, we have the full control over the entire history of our Client; thereby, it enables us to provide information and documents to support the foreign nationals’ management.
  • Another very important differential is the safety and reliability in the storage and data processing.
  • We also have a support team for the system.

Compliance and Ethical Code

  • With a deep knowledge of both the structure and culture of our country, we aim to use an optimal technique, within the law and rules, to obtain success in the demands of our clients, with the guarantee of legal compliance as per the rules of the American FCPA (foreign Corrupt Practices Act).